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Top-Quality Turn and Release Locks UK

Contemporary bedroom and bathroom turn and release locks are a popular type of hardware that is straightforward in installation, operation, and maintenance. Thumb turn locks simplify interaction with the sashes and ensure the proper level of confidentiality, preventing unexpected door opening. Some models are also equipped with an indicator and a rotary knob for increased ergonomics. In any case, in the DoorHardware.co.uk catalogue, you will find a wide range of thumb turn door locks made of high-quality metal alloys with a vast selection of finishing materials. Explore the collection of available products to find the perfect solution for your interior!

Extensive Collection of Thumb Turn Locks

The unique design of turn and release locks is the hallmark of this type of hardware. This lock should be installed under the door handle directly and can be used as additional protection with the separate lock mechanism or independently. The thumbturn is inside, and release is outside in case of emergency or if someone is locked in. That is why this type of lock is commonly used in bathrooms.

Today there are many thumbturn and release locks in different styles and designs. Our experts have prepared some simple tips for you to find the perfect product.

  • Type of turn & release locks. In our catalogue, you can find square and round turn and release locks as well as locks with indicators and rack bolts. They are a perfect match for bathroom and bedroom doors, and with a range of products available, you can easily find an ideal design option.
  • Thumb turn locks with a colour indicator. The coloured point on the bathroom turn & release locks will dramatically simplify interaction with doors in public places.
  • Material of turn and release bathroom locks. If you need fittings with increased wear resistance and moisture protection, solid brass and black iron products will be the best choice.

Buy Thumb Turn Door Locks Online

Explore the available product range in the online catalogue of DoorHardware.co.uk yourself or contact our consultants for turn and release lock instructions, so we can guide you through and help you find the perfect solution individually. All our products come in a variety of materials and finishes. Moreover, the box contains all fixing tools to ensure a simple installation.

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