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Solid Brass External Door Furniture & Hardware

Contemporary external door furniture is a thing that we use regularly. Door furniture products are necessary for the reliable fastening of the door leaf, door decoration, comfortable door opening, closing & fixing, and adjustment. Moreover, these products can help significantly, bringing more comfort and saving the door surface from external damage, and breaking. Look at the exquisite assortment of external door hardware UK with all kinds of products for design, finish, and door security enhancement!

Excellent Assortment of External Door Furniture UK

The individual categories of brass external door hardware you can find in our catalogue include:

  • Knockers, knobs & handles - This external door hardware makes door opening and closing far more comfortable. View a wide variety of products suitable for all types of doors! The base material for these goods is black iron or solid brass. They have a resistance mounting and ergonomic design;
  • Stops and handrail brackets - These products hold the door in one position and prevent the frame from hitting the wall upon opening; Latches, bolts & chains. They aim at keeping the door closed. Familiarise yourself with the entire range of door furniture to choose suitable hardware with secure fasteners and smooth moving elements;
  • Escutcheons - This door furniture is excellent not only for door decoration but also for lock protection. Moreover, it expands the functionality of the latch. An extensive range of finishes allows you to find perfect products that suit the design of your doors;
  • Cylinder pulls, letter plates & numerals - These are decorative elements. However, thanks to an extensive set of materials and finishes, this external door hardware UK can notably transform the appearance of the door.

Buy External Door Hardware Online provides a vivid assortment of premium-quality products at affordable prices. The external door furniture we offer is the best solution to accessorise your door and increase its security!