Door Chain

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High-Quality Door Chains for Additional Safety

Do you want to enhance your door security? Are you looking for a reliable solution that can boost the protective and aesthetic features of your doors? DoorHardware has something excellent to offer! We provide premium-quality locking door chains available in a range of materials and finishes for you to pick a perfect product for your home. The chains for doors we supply are simple devices that allow you to control communication with people standing outside and add another protection level to your flat or house. With a proper installation, security door chains UK are resistant to hits and jerks and require considerable physical effort to break. 

How to Choose Security Chains for Doors?

Although locking door chains are available in different designs, most of them are attached to the door and door frame with a few fixing screws. When installing this door hardware, keep in mind that the chain should be mounted on a fixed surface, and the slide stop needs to be placed directly on the door. The chain hole on the latch should be located away from the edge of the leaf to make sure it cannot be detached from the outside when the door is open.

To select the best door chains for your home, pay attention to the product material. You need a durable solution that doesn't have cracks and is resistant to bends. Moreover, the hook should slide freely in the rail or loop and be easily removed from it any time. Besides, it is essential to pick chains for doors that have a sufficient length to perform their primary function. Fortunately, the online catalogue of boasts top-quality black iron and brass door chains that aim to help you ensure the proper security of your home.

Buy Locking Door Chains Online

We provide top chains for doors in a range of styles for you to pick the most suitable option for any design. In case you need any help choosing a perfect product, feel free to contact us. Our friendly team is always happy to assist you and give a piece of advice on the best solution in your particular case. We guarantee affordable pricing and offer fast UK-wide and international delivery.

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