Strap Hinges & Clavos

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Top-Quality Strap Hinges and Clavos

If you want to enrich your doors or gates with an authentic look and feel, a collection of top-notch strap hinges and clavos from is the best solution for you! Our products are available in a variety of styles and designs, and so you can easily find a perfect match for your home. Moreover, we also supply heavy duty strap hinges UK to serve you with suitable options for larger gates or doors. 

Light and Heavy Duty Strap Hinges for Sale

Strap hinges for doors and gates from come in different styles, including straight, leaf, butterfly, and fleur-de-lys hinges. In our online catalogue, you can also select light-duty and heavy-duty hinges as well as ornamental products that are also called dummy strap hinges. The entire range of items in the catalogue boasts superior quality and allows you to suit the hinges to the style of your house effortlessly. Furthermore, purchasing strap hinges from DoorHardware, you get all the necessary fixing screws and fasteners packed with the selected item.

Buy Clavos & Strap Hinges UK

We offer a wide range of excellent black iron strap hinges with a black antique finish. In case you want to enhance your doors or gates with a neat matt touch, there are also some products with a matte black finish. At, we provide the best products at a super affordable price and guarantee friendly and professional customer service and fast delivery options.

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