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Modern windows are environmentally friendly and convenient due to window parts and hardware that make them such in operation. High-quality, robust window fittings ensure ergonomic & comfortable utilisation of the sashes for years. In our catalogue of window hardware UK, you will find a wide range of casement stays, fasteners, and lifts. Thanks to the diversity of finishes, you can choose iron and brass window hardware that ideally fits the design decoration of frames and your interior as a whole.

Premium-Quality Window Hardware UK offers an extensive catalogue of sash window hardware. Here you can find various accessories available in different materials and finishes.

  • Casement Stays - These window fittings UK are perfectly suitable for wood casement windows. The fixing on frame and sash allows adjusting the opening width quickly, preventing the window from swinging open.
  • Casement Fasteners - This robust window hardware helps to enhance the reliability of your windows. Smooth moving latch and metal mount are responsible for the safety of fixation. Brass and iron window hardware is very durable and convenient in use.
  • Sash Fasteners and Lifts - Sash window fittings UK help to improve the usability and the security of the window. We serve sash window hardware in different styles and finishes so that you can easily find the best sash fitting for your home or any other premise. Products boast exceptional quality and straightforward installation.

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The quality of the window hardware is essential as it affects the functioning of window components. Moreover, top-notch window furniture is a cost-effective way to improve the security of your windows and control window opening and closing. The softness of sashes opening, the tightness of frames pressure, sound insulation, etc., directly depend on the choice of window fittings. offers a range of high-quality products with stylish design and multiple functionality options. Take a look at outstanding window fittings in our catalogue and enjoy the exceptional durability of the products, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing!