Door Stops

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Premium Stoppers for Doors

To improve the comfort of door operation, modern manufacturers have created a variety of accessories and fittings such as stylish stoppers for doors that come as a useful tool which limits the door opening degree and protects walls and door furniture from damage. Using door stops will extend the lifespan of the door, its handle, paint, or wallpaper on the wall. Besides, with the door stoppers, the doors open almost silently, which is also an essential component of comfort. DoorHardware offers a collection of high-quality stainless steel, black iron, and solid brass door stops for sale. All the products are durable and boast a straightforward installation.

Wall and Floor Mounted Door Stoppers

Depending on the design of the door and the quality of the flooring, you can choose the floor or wall mounted door stoppers. Wall mounted door stops are used to restrict too wide opening and prevent the door from sliding shut. This type of door stoppers has a particular structure that is attached to the door leaf and platband to limit the door closing and keep the wall and floor intact.

Floor mounted stoppers for doors are designed to control the opening width and fix the door leaf in a specific position. The advantages of these door stops make them an irreplaceable part when installing doors in public places. Uncontrolled opening, accompanied by door hitting against the wall, can significantly damage the surface of the wall and incapacitate door fittings. Fortunately, with quality stops for doors from, you will easily avoid these problems.

Buy Quality Door Stops UK

These days manufacturers pay great attention not only to the functionality of the door stoppers but also to their appearance. The original stoppers for doors will be a perfect match even for the most sophisticated interior. DoorHardware online store offers a diversity of excellent door furniture products for any budget. View out the catalogue and pick the most suitable design! Fast UK-wide and international delivery options are guaranteed. 

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