Door Knobs on Rose

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Best Door Knobs on Rose

The presented assortment of door knobs on rose is a collection of first-class hardware for interior and furniture doors. Luxurious design sets and wear-resistant product material make rose door knobs the best choice at an affordable price. You will find a large selection of solid brass and black iron rosette door knobs with an elegant finish to complement any decor. Moreover, the available white rose door knobs made from porcelain, are ideal for the bathroom, having a waterproof coating.

Wide Range of High-Quality Door Knobs on Rose Plate

Rose knobs from come as a versatile option for any design solution. These products are suitable for mounting on wooden surfaces, metal, and plastic. Hardware is a split mechanism attached using the supplied fixing screws and fasteners. The base of rose door knobs usually consists of increased strength materials, which promotes the most reliable fastening to various types of surfaces.

The upper coating layer protects the hardware from moisture and mechanical damage additionally. Door knob rose plates are also offering a wide range of designer finishes. Thus, you can be sure that the lifespan of the acquired rosette door knobs will be long-lasting. The choice of handles will only depend on your aesthetic preferences and the centre-to-centre distance between the kit's components for more convenient installation. 

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When searching for the suitable door knobs on rose for your interior, the catalogue is the right place to find high-quality hardware. The presented products have excellent performance and several practical functions, ensuring the comfort and cosiness of your home for a long time. You will also get top-notch customer service and fast delivery throughout the UK.

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