Locks & Latches

We offer York locks and latches which can be used in conjunction with our door handles. We are unique in offering Tubular Latches and Bathroom Locks in finishes which match our door hardware.

Residential Door Security Products

Are you looking for reliable door security products for your household needs? DoorHardware.co.uk has something excellent to offer! We stock the most comprehensive selection of the best residential door security products from trusted manufacturers so that you can keep your home secure with the help of solid door hardware. Our locks and latches boast superior quality, allowing you to enjoy outstanding performance for years. We offer York locks and latches, which you can use in conjunction with our premium door handles. We also are unique in providing tubular latches and bathroom locks in finishes that match our high-quality door hardware.

Excellent Door Security Products for Your Home

Our extensive range of the best door security products ensures you will find a perfect solution to improve your home. We supply a selection of tubular latches, deadbolts, bathroom locks, night latches, sashlocks, and super euro profile locks of the highest quality. The products we offer are essential in maintaining a safe and secure house when you are both in and out. Each product we stock boasts its particular functionality and features. Therefore, it is vital to select the right type of hardware for the design of your doors. Thus, check the catalogue and make your home a better place today with our reliable door hardware!

Buy Top Products for Door Security UK

At DoorHardware, we always go the extra mile to ensure every customer gets the best possible shopping experience. Moreover, we stock only the best door security products and provide top-notch customer service and competitive pricing. You can find a diversity of sashlocks, tubular latches, bathroom locks, night latches, deadbolts, and other great products for door security UK in our online catalogue. We also offer fast national and international shipping options. In case you have any questions or need a consultation, our team is happy to assist you! Please call us on 01384 247805.