Door Handles on Plate

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Door Handles on Backplate

The door handles on backplate are classic hardware perfect for a variety of interiors. It is a push-type fitting that fixes the entries in a closing position securely, preventing arbitrary slamming or opening due to wind gusts. Door handles with plate are universal both for internal and external use — doors, windows, balconies. The ease of mounting, the variety of the lock design, and the diversity of finishes make these products the best choice to ensure the protection and comfort of your home.

High-Quality Door Handles on Backplate UK

We offer a vibrant collection of backplate door handles for any purpose. Therefore, to make the right choice, we recommend supplying characteristics needed to simplify the selection:

  • Product Material. Pay attention to exposure to loads and environmental factors. For example, black iron and heritage brass door handles on backplate boast an increased wear resistance, and so are great for internal use.
  • Product Decor. Remember that lever handles on plate are an integral part of the design, so they should be consistent with the colours and styles used. You can also explore the range of unique hardware with the antique or black iron finish.
  • Product Operation. This includes size, type of lock mechanism, and side of pressure. It is better to pick brass door handles on backplate initially. This way, you do not need to turn the item over or make new holes in the door leaf.

Buy Modern Door Handles with Backplate Online presents a vibrant selection of lever door handles on backplate for any function and operation conditions. You can easily find a solution with a lock for the bathroom, windows, and external doors, using the built-in search filter by material and finish. We also guarantee the impressive quality of door handles on backplate from UK manufacturers and offer affordable prices, convenient payment & delivery methods, as well as consultations of well-trained specialists regarding the choice of door hardware.

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