Casement Stay

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Premium Window Casement Stays

If you are looking for top-quality casement stays for wooden windows, the variety of products in the online catalogue of will surely please you! We supply the best casement stays and adjusters that are robust fittings for wood casement windows. The casement window stay hardware helps to enhance the window with a completed look and also provides additional window support. Here you can choose from multiple design options and a diversity of available materials and finishes. Our product line of casement stays and fasteners aims to emphasise the look and feel of your home. 

Top-Notch Casement Stays for Windows

From the aspect of product functionality, casement stays for wooden windows come as metal bars that help to hold the window both in the closed and open position. The range of casement window stays from DoorHardware boasts quadrant, sliding, roller arm, ball stays for windows as well as casement stays in the spoon, monkey tail, and shepherd's crook patterns. Therefore, you can easily pick the most suitable item for the design of your home. If you need professional assistance when choosing the product, please let us know. Our seasoned specialists are always glad to help you out!

Buy Casement Window Stays UK

In our online catalogue, you can find black iron and brass casement stays for windows of the best quality. Solid brass hardware comes in a variety of finishes. You can select products with satin brass, polished brass, satin chrome, satin nickel, polished chrome, and antique on brass finish. We also offer convenient UK delivery options as well as fast international product delivery.

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