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Porcelain Door Hardware

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  • White Crackle Knob

    White Crackle Knob with Antique Brass base
    £ 24.98
  • Cream Crackle Door Knob on Rose

    Cream Crackle Knob with Polished Brass base
    £ 24.98
  • Plain White Porcelain Door Knob on Rose

    Mortice Knob on Rose White Design Porcelain
    £ 18.90
  • Gold Line Door Knob on Rose

    Mortice Knob on Rose Gold Line Design Porcelain
    £ 28.36
  • Porcelain Cabinet Knob Gold Line

    Cabinet Knob Gold Line 32mm with Porcelain base
    £ 3.51
  • Porcelain Cabinet Knob Cream Crackle

    Cabinet Knob Cream Crackle 32mm with Porcelain base
    £ 2.83
  • White Crackle Cabinet Knob

    Cabinet Knob White Crackle 32mm with Porcelain base
    £ 2.83
  • Porcelain Cabinet Knob Plain White

    Cabinet Knob Plain White 32mm with Porcelain base
    £ 2.56
  • Covered Escutcheon Cream Crackle

    Covered Escutcheon Cream Crackle
    £ 6.07
  • Covered Escutcheon Gold Line

    Porcelain Covered Escutcheon
    £ 5.93
  • Covered Escutcheon Plain White

    Covered Escutcheon Plain White
    £ 4.25
  • Covered Escutcheon White Crackle

    Covered Escutcheon White Crackle
    £ 6.07
  • Shaped Fingerplate Cream Crackle

    Shaped Fingerplate Cream Crackle
    £ 18.90
  • Shaped Fingerplate Gold Line

    Shaped Fingerplate Gold Line
    £ 22.68
  • Shaped Fingerplate Plain White

    Shaped Fingerplate Plain White
    £ 15.53
  • Shaped Fingerplate White Crackle

    Shaped Fingerplate White Crackle
    £ 18.90
Prices are inclusive of VAT